Making payments to your Mutual CU loan account is easier than ever.  

  • Set up automatic transfers from any Mutual Credit Union savings or checking account using the mobile app or online banking portal
  • Make a one-time transfer using the Mutual Credit Union mobile app
  • Set up auto-draft from your direct deposit by calling 877-457-3654 or visiting one of our convenient locations
  • Set up recurring transfers (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) from any other financial institution using this link 
  • Pay in person by cash or check at any of our convenient locations, our friendly tellers are happy to help

You can also make your loan payment using a checking account (have your routing number and account number handy) with this link:

I want to make a loan payment, pay a bill, or make a transfer using electronic funds transfer (ACH).

or with any credit or debit card using this link:

Need to pay your Mutual CU loan using another bank card? You Can!*

Pay Now

Still not sure where to start?

Download our free mobile app* for Android or iOS.

Questions? Call 1-877-457-3654 Option 0 for the Call Center.

To cancel recurring ACH payments, use the form linked below.

I want to stop an electronic funds transfer (ACH) payment.


*There may be a charge for using this service. If setting up recurring transfers, you will need to contact us to cancel - even if your loan is paid off.

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